Getting Qualified For a VA IRRRL

Are you a veteran with a mortgage? Have you been making payments on time for the last 12 months? If so, you may qualify to refinance your VA loan and enjoy the many benefits this can offer! 


In this episode, Richard discusses the ins and outs of refinancing a VA loan, from the eligibility requirements to the potential savings you could enjoy. He explores how you can reduce your interest rate, lower your payments, and potentially save money each month. Richard also explains why veterans have already qualified for their VA loan when they bought their home, so there’s no need to requalify. Plus, he discusses how appraisals are unnecessary for VA Streamline loans and how the process is fast and straightforward. 


Join us as Richard covers all things related to refinancing your VA loan!


[00:00 – 04:06] Refinancing Your VA Mortgage: What You Need to Know to Qualify

  • VA Streamline/VA IRRRL refinancing is available for veterans who have had their mortgage for at least six months and made payments on time
  • There must be a minimum of 0.5% reduction in interest rate to qualify
  • Closing costs must be recouped within 36 months
  • If the payment amount increases, no closing costs can be charged (excluding prepaid, taxes & insurance, and VA funding fee)


[04:07 – 07:31] The Benefits of VA Refinancing

  • VA Streamline Refinance allows veterans to lower their mortgage rates and payments
  • The savings from lower payments can be used to pay off debt faster or put into savings
  • Escrow accounts will be set up accordingly based on the first payment
  • Credit score and mortgage history determine qualification


[07:32 – 09:21] The Best Time of the Year to Refinance

  • Your escrow for taxes is lightest during the first quarter of the year




As a veteran, you’ve already qualified for the loan when you bought the house. All that we’re going to look for is that you’ve made the payments on time for the last 12 months.” – Richard Sarey



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