• TFF Member, Big Fitz – Ryan helped me with a refi recetly and I cannot say enough on how easy he made the process. He even arranged to have the closing completed at my house! Great experience and could not have been simpler.
  • TFF Member, Kev – I just refinanced with Ryan, I went from a 6% to 3.37% saved me a few hundred per month, with very little out of pocket.  If anyone is looking to refi, now is the time and Ryan is your man!

          Thanks Ryan.

  • I appreciate your help. I had audited about a dozen different mortgage companies prior to making my decision. After receiving formal quotes from each mortgage company, I sat down with a friend who has years of experience in real estate and once owned a mortgage company. Upon review we picked your company to do business with. The process was quick and easy and the closing took place at my kitchen table.  I have referred two friends to your company. I know you have closed one of the two so far. I will refer others to you as they become available.

    Thanks for your help. David A. Pagington Spring, Texas

  • TFF Member, Lynn – Folks, If you need a refinance, it's definitely worth your time to give Ryan a call. I just closed on my refinance and all I can say are good things about the rate and the top-notch customer service.  I've talked to several finance companies over the last few months and they all wanted to pile on fees and fold them into the new mortgage. Not Ryan, I was only out a few hundred dollars and I got a smokin' rate on a 15 year mortgage. I just can not say enough good things about Ryan and his service. Give him a call and he will take good care of you!

          Thanks again Ryan!!!

  • I worked with Ryan Gibson on my refinance. He did a great job dealing with me. I am not the most trusting guy when it comes to banks .He was patient with me and he explained every detail of the process so I was comfortable with the deal. 

         Thomas Allen MD FACEP

  • TFF Member, ran_d – Folks, I just finished my closing with Ryan and I have to admit it was great experience. He did everything he said he would do. He got us the best deal and he made it work around our schedules. This was the best experience in closing I have ever done. It had no hassles and was just plan simple to do. If you are thinking about refinancing your home or purchasing one use Ryan. I would recommend him to anyone. I have had many closing over the years and this was by far the easiest and most professional one I have ever dealt with. Thanks Ryan you are the greatest and I wish you the best. Send me some business cards and I will pass them out.

          Randy and Teena

  • TFF Member, Puma 54 – Folks, I re-fi'ed through Ryan not long ago and just got setteled in with the new mortgage bank last week so everything is now complete. All of the comments above from other customers is accurate!! If you are interested in a re-fi you owe it to yourself to give Ryan a call. If you would like any more detials regarding my great experience with Ryan, shoot me a PM.


  • TFF Member, barbarian – I just closed with Ryan. Is there such a thing as an 11 on a scale of 1-10? To this day, I have never met him. Conatcted him from this post. I live 4.5 hours away. Closed in about 45 days and could have been sooner. He waited on me much more than I ever waited on him. Service, rates, closing costs, easy. thumb

          Thank you Ryan!

  • S Callaway – I refinanced my home mortgage with Ryan last year. I have to admit that I was initially skeptical about dealing with a mortgage broker rather than directly with a prime lender. My preliminary conversation with Ryan was great. Since I am not a person with a financial background, I was cautious about refinancing my home. Ryan was very open and honest  and answered all of my questions in a manner that I understood. There was no pressure to close the deal, Ryan’s foremost focus was to ensure that we obtain the best deal for our circumstances and that we would be satisfied with the entire process and the new mortgage. After my initial conversation with Ryan, I did check with three other lenders including the lender who had my mortgage at that time.  None of them could come close to the deal that Ryan offered. I provided Ryan with the details of the other refinance options and he took the time to explain the differences in detail to me so I could make an informed decision. With Ryan, I was able to refinance from a 30 year loan to a 15 year loan while reducing my monthly payment and same many thousands of dollars in interest over the life of the loan. This seemed too good to be true but it worked out just as Ryan said it would. Once I made the decision to go with Ryan, the refinance process went very smoothly. There were no glitches or surprises during the process. I can highly recommend Ryan to anyone who is considering refinancing their home.
  • C Post – Ryan was recommended to me by my financial adviser who had worked with him to refinance his home and was happy very him.  I too was very happy with how smoothly everything went.   I did not have to take any time off work.  Everything was done through e-mail and telephone.  The thing I liked the most was Ryan was honest and to the point.  He did not play those games that other people do.  ( don’t want to call any names)  What Ryan told me was what happened.  When it was time to close someone came to my home to do the closing.  It was a smooth process.  I would recommend him. 
  • C Massengale – Ryan did a refinance for me back in August of 2012 and everything went very well. He was always there to answer any questions and take care of things for my family. I would highly recommend his services to family and friends in the future. Thank You 
  • H Musil- I was very pleased with the job Richard Sarey with Alliance Mortgage Group did on my mortgage loan. I recently moved to Texas and was trying to get in to a home before the start of the school year. From beginning to end took less than 30 days to close and Richard was very clear on the documentation needed to complete the loan process. Thank you Richard and your whole team!