Unlocking Benefits and Debunking Myths of VA Loans

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Do you want to help our veterans unlock the potential of a VA home loan? Welcome to the first episode of Helping Heroes Become Homeowners! Richard will discuss the benefits of a VA loan and how to qualify and debunk the myths surrounding it. Veterans can purchase a home without a down payment or mortgage insurance with their Certificate of Eligibility. He’ll cover what that document is, how to get it, and what credit score you need to get pre-qualified for a VA loan. He’ll also discuss all the different factors lenders consider when qualifying an applicant, such as income, assets, back-end ratio, housing ratio, and more.

Tune in for helpful tips and advice on using your entitlement to purchase a home with a VA loan.

[00:01 – 05:21] Debunking Myths About VA Home Loans

  • VA loan benefits usually outweigh conventional or FHA loans
  • A certificate of Eligibility is the “golden ticket” to prequalification
  • VA home loan is a great loan for veterans as it provides a guarantee of 25% of the loan amount
  • Interest rates on VA home loans are lower than on conventional or FHA loans
  • Certificate of Eligibility and credit score are important factors in getting a VA home loan
  • Minimum credit score requirements may vary from lender to lender.

[05:22 – 10:41] Maximizing Your VA Loan Benefits

  • Veteran or active duty member’s income and spouse’s income will be taken into account for joint application
  • The debt ratio and housing ratio will be determined by gross monthly income divided by debt load and housing maintenance, respectively
  • Richard shares the steps to get pre-qualified for a home loan


“What better way to say thank you than to give veterans a benefit to purchasing a home with nothing down?” – Richard Sarey

“The more reserves you have, the better chances of the qualification you’re going to receive from the lender on your purchase price.” – Richard Sarey



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